I understand when it comes to reaching your target audience, next to tweeting, gramming, TikTok(ing?), the traditional email can look a little stale, but there are several reasons to stick with it; let’s have a look.


How else do we do business in B2B?

According to HubSpot, 86% of business professionals choose to use email for work-related communication. The sheer reliance on email in the corporate environment means that most professionals are slaves to the outlook environment. When comparing B2B and B2C email marketing campaigns, the CTR is 47% higher in B2B (emfluence).

Is there a decision to make or action to take?

Email is generally action-centred; the number is continuously growing the mission to get to zero is unrelenting. Assuming that your email is opened at all, you are guaranteed 5-10 seconds of your client’s unconditional attention to make the most of it! 77% of people prefer this channel for this kind of communication over SMS, phone call, post or social media (ExactTarget). 

It’s cheap!

Assuming you are playing by the rules, you have built up a segmented target list over time. Email is by far the cheapest way of taking the customer on an educational journey, using multiple styles of content, integrated video, and the almighty forward button is there to spread the information across buyers teams. 

Email is targetted by nature.

Your target list is known to you, first names, last names, interests, sources of leads and areas where prospects have things in common. This will allow you to ensure that the content you produce is engaging, relevant and purposeful.

In Summary

No one is saying that you should ignore other methods of reaching your clients. However, we can’t ignore that getting onto the decision-maker’s desk and grabbing attention Email can still be the daddy.

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