It is always tempting to set and forget when it comes to adverts and creative, especially given how much thought and planning we put into each image and hook. That being said, all good things must come to an end, and an essential element of your paid digital strategy should recognise when it is time to refreshen it up and replace your content. 

Performance Drops

The longer your advert is in place, the cost per click will increase, while at the same time, the volume of clicks will decrease, and people will be bored of seeing the same ad repeatedly. A simple chart of clicks over time will show when your advert is on the up and up, and when it is not!

Frequency Rates

As you review the stats on social media platforms, cast your eye over the frequency with which unique users have viewed your advert. Logic dictates that the more times you see the ad without buying, you will generally get irritated and a clear sign that the advert is no longer working for your chosen demographic.

Platform Decay

Guess what? Facebook prefers new content! While the shock settles for you, I should explain that your relevancy score drops; combined with your advert having a high frequency already, your advert will slip down the pecking order. 

In Summary

We aren’t telling you anything here that isn’t common sense when you think about it. If you are bored looking at your own advert, it might be time to give your customers something else to enjoy. 

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