We are all feeling the world continue to move towards digital as we deal with the pandemic, and as a result, more focus is being placed on content and content marketing to capture and convert the customer. Below we will look at five key trends for your business and content creation.

Content is a weapon in your competitive environment: 

As the buyer becomes more empowered and educated by the internet, it would be detrimental not to deploy content marketing directly with your competitors. We believe that the right words written well can organically beat the most sophisticated paid campaigns. 

Reworking content for multi-platform marketing is critical: 

We don’t know if you will read this article on our website, on Linkedin, or one of our partners’ channels, but we know that we need to make it easy to read and practical at the point it meets your eye. Ensu

ring you edit for the platform you are exploring maximise your potential for success from content marketing. 

Your buyer journey will involve content: 

Your customers’ firsts interaction with you will likely be their fourth or fifth interaction with your company in terms of consuming content or carrying out research. We can talk about MQL’s and pre-positioning. However, you must ensure that journey is efficient and offers value, whether they buy or not. 

Video content will continue to capture the imagination: 

Over 70% of viewers say YouTube makes them aware of new brands. (YouTube) and 86% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic to their website (Wyzowl). It is undeniable that video has an incredible impact on customer conversion; never forget scripting to allow folks to read this content. 

Remarketing fuelled by content will drive wins:

Once your customers have come to your website, gotten the information they want and left, they may reward you with business; however, you won’t be there to accept it without effective remarketing. Great content can support your efforts to segment your customer personas and grow conversion rates at the lower end of your funnel.  

In Conclusion

The battlefield for new leads and new business is getting more and more crowded. It has never been more apparent that a more significant proportion of the sales process is being carried out before you are even aware of the customers’ presence – 2021 will be about catering for the unseen customer and delivering them value at all points of the process.

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